About us

Y5Home is a revolutionary home and office automation solution meant to make your life more simple and secure.

Now you can play with your gadgets and appliances, manage them from outside, save energy and add more safety & security to your life. With simple & breakage free installation you can convert your home or office into a smarter place. And, in minutes.

Y5Home lets you access and control appliances and gadgets from literally anywhere. And the fun part is, it offers more, much more. It supplies unlimited access to online / offline videos and internet browsing even on TV. It works even on a normal TV thereby converting it into a Smart TV.

With Y5Home Automation, you can block the access of gadgets & appliances that you do not want your kids to use.

We are more than just a convenience, safety, money saver, entertainment for you. Our product is fun to deal with as it lets you play with your home / office with click of a button
on our App.