play with your home

    Appliances lock. Safeguard your toddlers or kids from accessing dangerous devices like Microwave and Switchboards. With Y5Home App, you can disable them whenever you want and then put them back on when you want them to.

    Your kids study time is precious and in your absence you can stop them from accessing distractions like TV etc by putting a child lock through the Y5Home App.
    Constant fear of someone breaking into your home?

    With Y5 Motion installed on your Windows, you will get instant notifications the moment any unusual trespassing happens at your house. And the fun part is, you can play with the thief by switching home devices like lights, fans etc on & off.
    With Y5Home’s Online & Offline Videos, you can watch blockbuster and refreshing movies and videos as per your convenience.
    ON TV
    Now you can even turn a normal TV into an internet TV. With Y5Box, you can surf the internet, do online shopping and much more right from your TV.
    Forgot your Pen Drive at home?

    Now you can pull your data from the Pen Drive right through the Y5Box without asking someone to search for your file and upload it. And even if you do not have a computer at home.

    Just ask someone to insert the Pen drive to the Y5Box and retrieve the file you require using the Y5Home App.
    Forgot to switch off the lights while leaving for office?

    Now operate your home devices or switch off the lights from anywhere using the Y5Home App.

    Further, you get to know the usage of various devices basis which you can break down your electricity bill to know where you are spending more.
  • EASY
    Y5Home comes with easy fitting of Switch Boxes in your existing Y5 Switchboard Modules with no extra wiring required. It takes merely 25 minutes to install the panel and configure modules. You probably can do it yourself!